Our API portfolio** consists of the following:
Therapeutic Category Name of API Regulatory Status
Anti-cancer Anastrazole (USP)  
  Bicalutamide (USP) #
Busulfan (USP) *   *
Carboplatin (USP/EP) *  
Decitabine * #  
Docetaxel Trihydrate (EP)     *
Docetaxel anhydrous * *  #
Gemcitabine HCl (USP)  
Irinotecan HCl (USP)  
Letrozole (USP/EP)  
Oxaliplatin (USP/EP)  
Paclitaxel (USP/EP)  
Temsirolimus # #  
Topotecan HCl  
Bendamustine # #  
Imatinib Mesylate # #  
Anaesthetics Bupivacaine (USP/EP) #   #
  Levobupivacaine # #  
Ropivacaine (USP/EP) #   #
Expectorant Ambroxol HCl (BP/EP)     *
Vasodilator Buflomedil HCl (EP)     *
Muscle Relaxant Metaxalone    
Drug Intermediate 10-DAB      

Granted   *Filed   #Under preparation

**None of the above products will be supplied to countries in which these could be in conflict with the existing patents. The final responsibility lies exclusively with the buyer.


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