Core Competency

Comprehensive product portfolio
Our product portfolio comprises of over 40 formulations, including cytotoxic and cytostatic in both I.V. and oral dosage forms, which are of the highest quality and yet are cost competitive. The capability to bundle variety of products together for providing cutting-edge combination therapies to cancer patients is an attractive proposition to institutional buyers. A focused strategy is in place to continuously augment the portfolio by monitoring and studying upcoming patent expiries.

Cost competitiveness
In order to thrive in the highly competitive generics market, the ability to be cost competitive is a market reality. Our ability to offer well-priced medicines to patients stems from the vertical integration of our business operations - right from bulk actives to finished formulations - lays out the foundation of our cost competitiveness.

Speed to market
A strong predictor of any high achieving generics product is a successful launch at the right time, in the right market, to achieve the right results. Success depends to a large extent, on a company’s agility and the ability to launch a product at patent expiry and to also importantly ensure that the launch trajectories are steep and sustained. At Fresenius Kabi Oncology Limited, we ensure speed to market through our highly experienced regulatory team ensuring pre-patent expiry registrations, our competence in developing key products through non-infringing processes and by leveraging the vast expanse of the efficient global distribution network of the Company.

Research & Development
Research & Development is widely recognized to be the linchpin of technological advancement and the level of proficiency is viewed as a reliable indicator of innovative capacity. R&D holds the key to a company’s developmental pipeline, right from research to registrations of a product. Currently, we have a dedicated team of highly qualified scientists engaged in developing the second wave of products, such as next-generation cytotoxics, cytostatics and targeted therapies.

Strong network
Just as profitability is the primary outcome of attractiveness of the industry in which it operates, an important secondary determinant is its position within that industry. To maintain a leading position in the oncology generics business segment, we have built reliable and efficient marketing and distribution networks in every continent of the globe. Our focus on R&D and manufacturing of generic cancer products will allow us to further leverage our expertise in these fields. The distribution of our products through extensive sales and marketing network will accelerate the global roll-out of our generic cancer product portfolio.


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