Corporate Social Responsibility

At Fresenius Kabi Oncology Limited, we emphasize on the importance of community involvement, corporate philanthropy and social participation. We intend to remain as a healthy and growing organization & believe it is our duty to nurture the symbiotic relationship between the community and our business. We have perceived that it is not just the business which comes first but just a mere idea of serving the society compensates for everything else. In fact, it goes much beyond a casual idea – it is truly a RESPONSIBILITY! A constant urge in the promotion of good health, social development and an apt milieu for sustainable, comprehensive growth through our various Corporate Social Responsibility programs is what we strive to achieve.

Our ingenuity in cancer awareness and its prevention has fostered tremendously due to the fervent knowledge spreading initiatives. Some of these initiatives are:

1. Educational booklets to generate awareness about healthy dietary habits for cutting down on the risks of colorectal cancer. Continuing Medical Education (CMEs) dealing with colorectal cancer screening and its management have been carried out across several cities within the country.

2. Observing 'World No Tobacco Day' to create mass awareness about macabre effects of tobacco and how to battle such a menace.

3. Being a responsible corporate committed to ‘Caring for Life’, providing espousal for cancer treatment of affected children in alliance with an NGO, Cankids.

4. Caring for environment: Being a topic of imperative interest, every effort for environmental protection, through plantation, unremitting assessment of production sites, sophisticated effluent management system, stringent control on emanation have been undertaken by us at Fresenius Kabi Oncology Limited.

5. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The Fresenius Kabi Oncology Limited team has also started breast cancer awareness programs. Use of defined innovative medium of communication like print, radio and e-media has been extensively used to reach out and create awareness amongst the general public & urging masses to join us in our mission to bring the lethal effects of breast cancer out in the open.


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